Connect Asia access Chinese based property Web portals who are a leading advertising web portals featured in Google, Baidu ( Chinese Google), Yahoo and more to provide our VIP acess to the high net worth Chinese audiences of 2.7 million people. These audiences have the means and desire to invest in international property.

We can provide Chinese listings and press release service directly on to the relevant offshore Chinese portals.

Asia Property Tours


Collaborating with our Asia offshore team, we can arrange a roadshow for groups of overseas buyers to inspect your properties, and to connect buyers to the essential immigration, legal & financial services necessary to complete the buying process successfully.

Buying leads generated come from our offshore Chinese internet ads, press release ads as well as our Chinese on ground real estate partner network. Buyers would be arranged to be part of our specially designed tour to inspect your property. The buyers group inspection would be well supported by our friendly and multilingual Connect Asia team members.

Social Media Marketing


Our hot line services supported by Connect Asia multilingual call center lets potential buyers contact us directly to major Chinese cites such as Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, where our networks qualify and woo potential buyers.

Of Course we also offer Direct Hot Line Service to China, Hong Kong & Australia to make it simple to connect to Chinese Buyers.

We help your projects to stay ahead of your competition utilising new methods to connect with internet-savvy consumers.

Our social strategy can include Weibo , which is the Chinese equivalent of twitter , or a Chinese equivalent of Facebook, Property Investment Blog and many more. Using the many online outlets at our disposal, Connect Asia will help your projects to connect with your customers in a powerful and intimate way.

Multi-Media Strategy


Expose your projects and attract attention and interest from your customers. Our e-messaging solution helps developers like you to deliver powerful email, SMS, social and marketing campaigns in China.

Our behind the scenes media strategists will make sure your projects are seen and heard at the best times to suit your target market in Asia. Multimedia Productions like Press Release, prints, brochures, and movies to generate professional and attractive presence.

High Net Worth Clients Electronic Database Marketing


An Electronic Database Marketing campaign or EDM with Connect Asia and our partners is often the most cost effective method of reaching our exclusive High Net Worth database with a targeted message with our offshore Internet Portals Partners, and Connect Asia and Financial Partners database.

The EDM Package includes: Professional translation of your marketing message; Design and development of HTML email; Campaign management and dissemination.

EDM Profile Targeting :

  • Personal Net Worth greater than USD $1.25 Million
  • Have a property, or have bought one in the last 12 months
  • Will be making investment or purchase decisions in the next 12 months

Asia’s extensive real estate network

Our Asian Real Estate Partners will routinely organise overseas property investment roadshow, property investment seminar to cultivate their clientele, video conferences and introduction phone calling to invite their High Net Worth VIP to attend the property presentation. Connect Asia will also assist our VIP to organise finance, migration consultancy and it is one-stop-shop for our clients’ property buying and migration solutions.


Our extensive experience & networks of offshore real estate agent partners, migration agents, lawyers , accountants, bankers, media will provide you with the expertise you need to help facilitate overseas Chinese buyers purchase your property.